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Important YouTuber Application Format
Hi there,
If you are thinking of applying to become a YouTuber on LoneWolves, then here is the required application format!

Minecraft IGN:
YouTube Channel:
Do you link our server IP in your video description?
Your best video on our server:
How frequently do you post new videos?:

Tips to help increase your chances of being accepted:

1) Be sure to add our IP to your description! IP:
2) Series name is important, but not necessary. Minecraft Factions/Prison or Minecraft PvP Series is good!
3) Use your video tags well. Tags like Factions, PvP, Lonewolves help a lot.
4) Aim to post a minimum of one LW video a week.
5) Create a playlist to keep your LW videos together, and easily accessible for you subscribers.
6) Be active, be motivated, be community-driven, and you'll make it to the other side.
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